A Heart Like Jesus A-Z Children’s Family Discipleship Curriculum On The Go




A Heart Like Jesus A-Z is the perfect Children’s Homeschool or Family Discipleship Curriculum to help your children grow in their love for Jesus, develop a desire to be like Him in character, and trust in Him as their Lord and Savior!

Each Lesson Includes:

MP3 Audio Lesson

  • Cultivates a desire to have a heart like Jesus
  • Teaches a new character trait from A to Z
  • Shares an audio story to help children understand how to use each character trait in everyday life
  • Teaches a Bible verse and it’s meaning set to familiar tunes for easy memorization

Family Discipleship Time Pages

  • Review each character trait and what it means
  • Read and discuss a story of how Jesus displayed the character trait
  • Memorize the related Bible verse
  • Practice the character trait in everyday life

Character Trait Sticker Chart

  • Reinforce positive character by adding stickers to this chart when you catch your child demonstrating the targeted character trait or ones previously learned